Friday, May 4, 2012

Tonight stand up in Paris

At the show 'new yorkers in Paris', tonight, comedy performance for me in Paris.

Not trembling or wobbling for me, like the Real people magazine attributed to me, in his number that appeared yesterday.

They put in my mouse things I never said. Let us say, they translated it, to their own language and even made some new jokes up for me! Well... Why do not go up the stage then, themselves?

One more comes and goes.

This one I will not show. Even if they compare me with a comedian, known one, on tv, as they did not want to speak about Adam Blum, that I did propose as my model. I have no idea, who the one is that woman, for them does speak, not for me.

There are journalist that instead of what is, make up, and give what they think and what is in their head, what they think their readers want, not what is. Even if it's more strong, more interesting!

Well, tonight, up on the stages of Paris for Julie Seventy. But already, I did make laugh in the cafe and the boilengerie. I never did before.

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