Thursday, May 24, 2012

Each day, its own joy

No sun this morning, but I got a video, gift from Tim, the producer, now for more then 4th years of Lions Den Comedy show in Soho, London. Rumba bar's downstairs. Great take, and offered to me free, but even more, I just discovered what he wrote under it.

"Julie Kertesz - Hungarian 77 year old comedienne performing 5 Minutes of Stand-up at The Lion's Den Comedy Club May 2012. An unexpected nugget of gold this one. You gotta love her!"

Thanks, Tim!

He made my day shine, more that the sun could had done. It feels so good to be appreciated, welcomed warmly back. That day, the 4th anniversary of Lions Den, was the second time I went to that "Car Crash" Comedy Club. And what a great audience, too.

Thanks all of you reading this blog, we passed 12 000 visits, now.

A long way from the day I got my "Competent Communicator Award" from Toastmasters International, for having achieved the first Manual's projects and given those first ten speeches!

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