Saturday, May 12, 2012

It does not work each time

Too fast, I told many people, that I was interviewed, again, by a journalist from The Guardian, and it will appear : next week.

Next week, went to next month, then to the next bank Holliday. And the next.

I am no more holding my breath!

So what?

The only regrets are for the photos taken, at the comedy show, I did not get any of those! I am not giving up to recuperate ot least one or two of those, some with our great compère together.

As I arrived to my Argenteuil home, my neighbour have put on the table for me, a Magazine from the city, of almost two years ago, with a whole page on my activity as Grammy blogger and rooming the world.

If not for other it reminds me, that not all journalist deform what I said (as in real people), or not all photographers do not send me the promised photos.

And I do not need publicity! I can do my own in my blogs... When I want it.

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