Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ola's instant fun

Brianstorm, at the North pool, in Greenwhich. Organised by Brian, a great host, who, surprise, started standup only so long as me.

He succeeded to obtain the place, charging guests a minimal dee, and guarantee drinks, that were amply drinked by an audience growing in number. A great, warm host.

I was specially happy, not only to meet again many I have seen on london's circuit, but Ola, from Tube Talks, winner of laser years Humorous speech contest, in London, then Glasgow. He is funny, but also warm and friendly. Staying to the end, beyond hours, as I was deplaned from 5th to the end almost. To listen and give me a fellow comedian and Toastmaster feedback!

Thanks to Ola, Constance and encouragement, thanks to Brian's open and warm welcome, I felt not alone. I felt surrounded by warmth, encouraged to do my best.

Many left, till my number, almost the last one, arrived. There was noise from upstairs. But the audience gathered nearer, and was reactive and I came home happy. Less tired, then I was going, to it!

Happy, and ready for encore, for going on, repeating. What an evening!

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