Thursday, May 31, 2012

From one to the other end

On the road from DLR-04v

Do I pass on the floating bridge? At least, from the train it seemed floating to me. Or go on the huge and seemingly solid boat wherever it leads me.

The question is a no-briener for me,  as I am not sure when I loose the control of where I go, when I am in others hand as to the direction and can not leave when I want. Too much bad experiences. So I stick to the bridge, hoping for the best. Going slowly and perhaps not all sure of my direction all the time, but knowing that it will lead me to something interesting, worth doing, living through.

I am now near to start crossing. My year as club President finishes in a month (or piratically even less) and I think only for the moment of my new task as Area Governor for four clubs. What I would like to do is less difficult then figuring out how and all the unknowns that will arrive on the road, from now to one year on.

Somehow, this picture taken from the speeding DRL train Lewisham to Bank, tells me so much more then just a bridge, a boat and water. Each of us can make up a story from it, can we not?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A memory from my life!

I met Leena begining of May, in the small courtyard garden around the huge Watter Tower, accross the building I lived a while ago for 23 years.

That was the most I stayed anywhere.

I still regret it today. But life makes you move on. And who knows if I would have had the force to leave it if I did not have to, and come to London? As it is, leaving Argenteuil, where I lived after for 7 years was not so difficult.

I went inside this place attracted by Leena and her colourful dress. She came all way from Danmark to rest a bit there, and she writes now "you made my day".

We did chatt and learned about each other while retreating a bit from the bruhaha and goings on the main streets of top of Butte Montmartre.

A nice memory and it left both of us with a nice feeling. Connecting, how powerful that can be!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday GG Bridge

Photo taken for the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge by C_homstra, with a Canon camera.

It was my future Standup comedy workshop intructor, who lives in Marine county accross the bridge, who told me yesterday about the big special day.

I'll find something about it on flickr!

I went this morning to flickr, of course, I found a lot of picture with the great beautiful fareworks. Homstra's photography, is the one almost the only one showing also the bridge.

Golden Gate bridge, 75, almost as old as me, I am only two years older. But they must have begun building it a lot before.

I have many different memories of the bridge. Once, I even stopped and went down from the bus, to cross it walking. The bridge itself is not so long but longer than I belived, and I could not see much from it, as the fog came and then rain, but after it a lot more to walk to the next bus station.

Another time, and that is what left even more memories in me, I went SF side under the bridge and sit down. I stayed long time there, looking at the water going under me, thinking of my life and the ruins of my love affair of three years from which I just fled (from Paris to San Francisco), and writing in my diary.

Picture by TobyHarryman, from Sosalito on Flickr
That is where and when, I decided that for sure, I will not go back with him. I will create a new life "even better" and even if I have to spend it alone, I told myself, even if I did not really believed yet. But hoped.

My life in mist and fog as the photo below shows, that I also found this morning. Memories link us to places and places makes us remember.

Well, it was also a great decision of course, even if at that time it still hurt and was not easy to take.

Now, I can celebrate it with the fireworks!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Slideshow of Butte Montmartre, Paris

I lived there, 10 years ago for 22 years and still like to return. Could not go back to France without it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

What a wonderful evening!

Green Park. The college of public speaking. Speeches to Educate. Speeches to informe. A debate. Speeches to entertain.

In fact, all the speeches delivered my masters were at the same time educating, informing and entertaining too. Even if we did laugh more with David's and learn more with Paul, or made to think more with Freddy. Or Fergus, with his power of 'why' reminding me of my grand son: why we have to go to the airport. Why grandma has to leave? Why? And so on. And my daughter infinite patience answering each 'why'.

I have to listen again. To look at my notes. Not many, I was too absorbed while they spoke, one after the other, masterfully, to write. Just a few expressions, words, here or there. The rest, to ponder, to remember. An enchanting evening.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Each day, its own joy

No sun this morning, but I got a video, gift from Tim, the producer, now for more then 4th years of Lions Den Comedy show in Soho, London. Rumba bar's downstairs. Great take, and offered to me free, but even more, I just discovered what he wrote under it.

"Julie Kertesz - Hungarian 77 year old comedienne performing 5 Minutes of Stand-up at The Lion's Den Comedy Club May 2012. An unexpected nugget of gold this one. You gotta love her!"

Thanks, Tim!

He made my day shine, more that the sun could had done. It feels so good to be appreciated, welcomed warmly back. That day, the 4th anniversary of Lions Den, was the second time I went to that "Car Crash" Comedy Club. And what a great audience, too.

Thanks all of you reading this blog, we passed 12 000 visits, now.

A long way from the day I got my "Competent Communicator Award" from Toastmasters International, for having achieved the first Manual's projects and given those first ten speeches!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Damien speaking

Yesterday, m'y collègue Toastmaster, became Competent Communicator.

A great event.

He worked two years and two month toward it, going from project to project, throughout manual called Competent Communicator. In all ten projects. Each time incorporating, not only what we learn in all previous projects, but also, what we learn listening, looking, evaluating others.

On the way, we get more and more confident speakers. More and more confident. More and more competent.

Finishing the CC manual is a milestone.

Of course, also a realisation, that there is a lot more behind us. Growing never stops.

Of course, not even at seventy seven year old, as for me.

It is such a joy, to follow a fellow Toastmaster, grow, develop. Gain more knowledge and confidence in speaking to a public.

It was a great privilege to evaluate Damian, yesterday evening. As, by chance I was the one having given feedback to his first speech, too, I could even more measure the distance he went. What a joy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Golden Jester Comedy Awards

In different places throughout UK, not only London, at Belushi's bar restaurants, the Golden Jester Comedy award 2012 begun this spring.

I passed the first round in Greenwich, just so. We were 4 or 5 to go farther, one of us won the first price.

The quarter final was yesterday, in Camden. I almost did not go as I did not find anyone to come with me. Finally, I decided to be present, anyway.

Once there, I found first a comedy pal from my first workshop, who had two friends with him, and one offered to be "my guest". Then, the guest I have invited did arrive also the last minute.

I was on.

And the second between all to perform.

What a warm audience ! And plenty. I was not stressed at all, I new the comedy pal I met is a lot better then me. So what? I will enjoy myself and the audience. And perhaps, be between those who passes to the next level, beside the winner.

Well, I did not pass with the others.

I was the winner!
I won yesterday evening at the Standup Comedy
It is always great to win a contest. When it is not expected even more. The audience really liked me, as I had but one guest with me, this time. And the suspense was complete till I heard my name.

On to the next gig, next competition. More important, the next meeting with the audience.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Looking up at Stables, Chalk Farm

There are so many interesting aspects of London! So many facets.

London does not offer himself to tourists, at once, as Paris does.

You have to "know" the places, the entrances, the time of the day even.

When to go to the Borough market, to Brick Lane or to Camden. And when you know a bit, then, suddenly you discover even there new facets.

Chalk Farm begins after you cross the Canal Great Union. And almost hidden on left side, coming from Camden, right when you arrive from Chalk Farm underground, is the Stables.
Stables Market, Camden-31
All dedicated to horse and all around horses, no more horses there other then in statue form.

Stables Market, Camden-07

A mix of market, coffee places, colourful mix and match. I discovered it last year when Logan held his "impro" class there in one of the upstairs rooms of one of the staircases.
Garrett at Stables-2
I become fascinated by Camden's diversity and life and also by the Stables, more discrete.
Cyberdog In the Stables Market_0045
Each part of London has its own charm and atmosphere. Takes probably a life time to discover and curiosity and time. And decision to mingle with all kind of people, not remaining in your own circle only.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Garrett at Stables, Chalk Farm near Camden

Yesterday evening, we went to the Monkey Business Comedy club, with Garett from Montana and walked all through Camden Hight Street and Chalk Farm, stopping a bit at the Stables.

It was quiet, "after hours" but still very interesting. It is a place I return with pleasure, each time, new discovery.

And how much did I learn just by discussing with him! He is 25 but wise and always ready to learn, experience, try something new.

A challenge, will we really gig one day together? It would be a honour for me, even if I will be past 77 by then.

At the club, we met two other Toastmasters, four together, it was great. They enjoyed the club, the comedians, my set and each other.

A great evening!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Camden again

I went to Camden last year in May, every weekend afternoon for the Standup and Deliver Comedy Class. For 7 hours each time, in all 8 times.

It is a pleasure to go back tonight, to the Monkey Business Comedy Club, to perform a set, my set. Be there, make the audience laugh. Stroll the streets so full of life in Camden.


And make new memories.

Friday, May 18, 2012

At Lion's Den Comedy 4th birthday

I do not know his name, but he is a great comedien. Great standup.

Funny, great material, wonderful mastery of delivery.

As I think, a lots of experience, too.

"I am of Greek origin" he begins and then jokes about some words "originated from there".

My problem is that sometimes I do not understand all that is going on. Some phrases, allusions, jokes do not arrive to me. Is it my listening skill or my cultural references or simply my English the problem, I am not sure. Yet. Probably all three.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soho, London Street corner-5
I was fascinated by this huge man, statue, at one of the Picadilly Circus Corners, the one leading towards the Rumba Bar where the Lion's Den Comedy club meets the Tuesdays. And Tim, took two photos - at least published two of them in Facebook from them, of me 'and all other comedians of course', that I really love! Showing me leaning towards the audience. Sharing secrets with them. And of course, my long nose... I have put it on flickr, too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life goes up and down

Monday night it seemed down for me but yesterday it went up again at the 4th anniversary of Lion Den's Comedy night. I was not only one of the "special guests' of Tim, the organizer, but I got a wonderful response from the audience. And them as well as comedians, told me in the pause and the end "It was really good"

What topped all were two girls "I laughed until our belly hurt!"

Here 20 pictures from yesterday. Rumba Bar is near Picadilly, in London's Soho.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two clowns

Well the clowns in this picture laugh. We do not laugh all the time.

As we grow too confident, the life tells us "be more modest" ! Reminds us all is never gained.

Saturday, I had a wonderful gig, everyone (including me) enjoyed it. And great public. Monday, we were almost between us, comedians. And I mixed up my lines, too. Inserting new material and telling the rest our of order. Well, I had a few laughs only, and not as strong either.

I came home in the evening, put in my place and wondering "is it worth it?" That was the feeling Adam Blum warned us a year ago. "Go on!" he told us. Do not stop after some who go less well.

For 33 gigs, I went from good to best to good, but yesterday I was down as I got home. I should not be. Just, learn from it, and become more modest.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Old tulip from 2005

My grand daughter 13 today. My oldest grand son goes to University in September.

The time passes.

Today, looking for old pictures of my grand daughter, I discovered this fading tulip I took in 2005. Already wanting to prove that there is some beauty or, at least interestingness, in old... tulips.

Somehow, in 2005, as I just passed 70, and oh, how young I was then! I felt, even more "old" then today, when I am approaching the end of the golden 77.

Yes, for some hours, I am full of energy, activity, comedy, then, I feel again old, with aching bones.

So what?

I rest. I read. I sleep. The energy comes back, and even more when I am facing an audience. They give me even more energy. And joy, and reason to go on.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ola's instant fun

Brianstorm, at the North pool, in Greenwhich. Organised by Brian, a great host, who, surprise, started standup only so long as me.

He succeeded to obtain the place, charging guests a minimal dee, and guarantee drinks, that were amply drinked by an audience growing in number. A great, warm host.

I was specially happy, not only to meet again many I have seen on london's circuit, but Ola, from Tube Talks, winner of laser years Humorous speech contest, in London, then Glasgow. He is funny, but also warm and friendly. Staying to the end, beyond hours, as I was deplaned from 5th to the end almost. To listen and give me a fellow comedian and Toastmaster feedback!

Thanks to Ola, Constance and encouragement, thanks to Brian's open and warm welcome, I felt not alone. I felt surrounded by warmth, encouraged to do my best.

Many left, till my number, almost the last one, arrived. There was noise from upstairs. But the audience gathered nearer, and was reactive and I came home happy. Less tired, then I was going, to it!

Happy, and ready for encore, for going on, repeating. What an evening!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It does not work each time

Too fast, I told many people, that I was interviewed, again, by a journalist from The Guardian, and it will appear : next week.

Next week, went to next month, then to the next bank Holliday. And the next.

I am no more holding my breath!

So what?

The only regrets are for the photos taken, at the comedy show, I did not get any of those! I am not giving up to recuperate ot least one or two of those, some with our great compère together.

As I arrived to my Argenteuil home, my neighbour have put on the table for me, a Magazine from the city, of almost two years ago, with a whole page on my activity as Grammy blogger and rooming the world.

If not for other it reminds me, that not all journalist deform what I said (as in real people), or not all photographers do not send me the promised photos.

And I do not need publicity! I can do my own in my blogs... When I want it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

This always fascinated me

I have some older and newer pictures of that small 'cloture' in Argenteuil. I go back to it, and it does offer me, yet another view, each time. Or, the same perspective in a different light.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A flower is a flower

Is it really?

So many ways and shapes!

This one just coming out from its cover and did not shed it completely.

I spend almost all day, to catch up with all the work left for ten days behind me.

What I have seen and lived in the last ten days will last me at least a month to speak about, so every one believes I travel all the time.

In fact, I have been nowhere, well, almost, for some time. Six month ago, I was in Glasgow for a few days. And a year ago, to Dublin then to Las Vegas. All to Toastmasters Conferences.

Yes, this year, it is very important, but I am too tired to go, this time. Even if I know it will be important and interesting for all who do go.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A new upload in beta!

of course, I tried it as soon as it was there, I feel it is a great improvement, and fast too, easy to add comments, tags and change titles if needed too

the other features I still have to discover, with other uploads, tomorrow

this was just fast 21 pictures, to try it out, so many are still waiting from my trip for uploading!

It did begun for me with Apple II at home, and from that time on, technology, from 1980 changed every three month, now it is even faster!

Portrait of a Parisian

I went with my neighbour to the Arc the triumphed, and Champs Élysées where people were gathered for the 8 May piece celebration.

Alas, as it is the week of passage of presidents, it was more guarded then usual, we could look from afar. But it was a great pleasure to see and take photos of all people who come like us!

And always great to be in Paris even when it starts to rain. (set on Flickr)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Raining, raining, but one day...

Gouttes de pluie sur les feuilles Stills rainions, and Sarkozi l'ost thé elections. We will see what that brings. And those who did not like him, how much will they (or not) think about his time with nostalgia.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Petit déjeuner à la française

French breakfast on the Butte Montmartre, Saturday morning.

I voted this morning early, for the French President Elections.

Soon home, a few more days, and I will have a wifi, letting me show more pictures of my trip.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gare Saint Lazare, Paris

First Time, ii went really to Paris.

I was afraid of the storm, we had only deposit and even that stopped till I got in the city.

The bus, the train arrived fast, and of course the metro train too. I arrived an hour early. So I had time, for a cafe and even a hot chocolate!

First, I believed, all is more expensive in the middle of the city. The Pranzo, is on the "Grands Boulevards" with theatres and lots of careers and restaurants around.

Yes, one can pay there 5 euros for a single chocolate chaud, mais just next to it, I found a Magdonald's McCafe, and I had a double expresso with a fondant of chocolate for only 3 euros.

The New York Comedy was fabulous. Great opening and closing, by from now on, my prefered comedian, Sebastian Max, and a delightful and funny compère, Phillis. I was inspired by both, as well by the other acts, who gave me to inspiration to new material.

Pierre, no, women do not become whores, just because they sleep a bit around like men do! And Phillis, size does not matter! All is what you do with it.

I also met Ibaz Crea, great comedian, the first time performing in English. I did not felt lost between all the other accents!

Of course, I was the only one with Hungarian one! 5 comedians and 70 people in audience. And what a reactive, great, warm audience!

My set went well, great reaction, laugh, and even long strong applauses in some of its parts.

My only regret is that I did not use some of my material, newly (not yet enough) learned. They would have let me go on, longer. And yes, I have to dare improvise also more. I got the idea, but did not dare to use them.

As it was, wonderful debut for Julie Seventy in Paris! In New York's Comedy. I'll have to come back with longer material!

Will meet almost all those great comedians in London, too, I feel, soon.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tonight stand up in Paris

At the show 'new yorkers in Paris', tonight, comedy performance for me in Paris.

Not trembling or wobbling for me, like the Real people magazine attributed to me, in his number that appeared yesterday.

They put in my mouse things I never said. Let us say, they translated it, to their own language and even made some new jokes up for me! Well... Why do not go up the stage then, themselves?

One more comes and goes.

This one I will not show. Even if they compare me with a comedian, known one, on tv, as they did not want to speak about Adam Blum, that I did propose as my model. I have no idea, who the one is that woman, for them does speak, not for me.

There are journalist that instead of what is, make up, and give what they think and what is in their head, what they think their readers want, not what is. Even if it's more strong, more interesting!

Well, tonight, up on the stages of Paris for Julie Seventy. But already, I did make laugh in the cafe and the boilengerie. I never did before.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sometimes an image tells more

Décor et reflet Tells more then originally intended, because, here a mirror

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 mai in Argenteuil, France080
French Can can under the rain the 1st May (some time ago) in Argenteuil sur Seine. They never stopped dancing when the rain come down stronger and stronger on them. A scene I will never forget.