Sunday, February 20, 2011

Comedy Scool

Director and also teaches some if not all the classes. He orinizes them now for many years already.

But before a study of 'how we do and shoud do and how to learn from it' from our Director, of Comedy School, we had the visit, for a whole hour of a professional comedian: Adam Bloom.

Each time, each week, we will have a new treat.

Next week, the old hands who finished the curse I take now.
With 15 years professional experience we could discuss yesterday with Adam for more then an hour. What an energy!

He suggested us to persevere, through downs and some ups, to learn, to be ourselves and mostly. to connect to the audience. And many more!

For example, to go nearer at the begining and as they react more and more, go farther "to open the circle". So many great details to learn!

But the most important was not go give up in face of adversity or less luck, from time to time, to go on!

After some of us - this time not me - showed a bit what we prepared, and that was very longly discussed, we assisted to a nice performarce by the two days Comedy writing class.
Comedy Scool Class of Writing v
Are they not very sympatiques!

And here is one from youTube of Adam Bloom's show to show you his energy level too.

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