Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TM Officers Training

Toastmasters is holding twice a year, a training session for its "officers", and yesterday, I assisted to one, held at the Credit Suisse building.

I learned a lot!

Not only how to organize a good meeting, but also to make space to meet each other.

I am sure, I will be invited to visit two clubs, and I am looking forward to meet, again, new people! And, perhaps, speak more, too.

I have been to both clubs once, but with special occasions. Those I spoke to, remembered me! Smiled to me with such warmth, too. It did good to my soul.

Human contact, good contact, warmth, is so important!
TM Officers Training-14
I realized that I know already quite a lot and have been to many places, but I also realized, how much more I have still to learn.

I love pictures taken "on the spot" not posing, and this is one I do love a lot. Full of life.
TM Officers Training-24d
For other photos, go see my flickr site...
But here is a last one taken of a small part of the huge building we were in.
Buildings in the night-07

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