Sunday, February 13, 2011


I love interactions!

In life, I go toward people, ask them if I can take their portraits. Also, I like to take candid picture of other's interactions.

So I have no reason to be afraid, even if it takes place near a Zoo, and I feel partly as I am putting myself between the lions, to be apprehensive.

I will stand out.

Who cares?

I always stood out, more or less.

Who cares?

As my daughter taught me one day, "no one really LOOKS at you! they care how THEY look!" So what?

I will for sure, learn in six weeks of course something, at least, observing and really looking at the others, instead of worrying about myself!

And as often, I will be the exception, confirming the rule. Beginning, learning, studying at my age of almost 77, Stand up Comedy.

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  1. Julie, üdvözlet Magyarországról. I wish you happy and long life. Gyuri Beck