Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deal day

It was a rather rainy day, but one can have good day, in any weather!

The sky is even more interesting!

No one was at Deal seashore, in Kent looking toward France. But we found an old boat, that have had better days, for sure.

After a very interesting lecture, were I learned a lot, and that was enjoyable too, with lots of anecdotes to remember, and having met two French ladies too, enchanted to speak a bit French with me, I arrived home not too late.

What was my surprise, to discover, something I did not see at all at the place, that the boat was named... after me!
Deal day_0129 Julie
It was eventful day, and I am happy to have got out a bit from home. Some day, I will return to the sea also with sun, but, alas, as much as I love the sun, the sun does not love me.

So that weather, was parfait!

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