Monday, February 7, 2011

First flowers around me

The spring arrives early in London;

It did arrive early last year, and, if I look at this flowers in a garden near the street not far away from my place, it will arrive early, again.

I love the colours of fall, and like the warmth of summer, even winter to look out from inside, but I aspire the spring too arrive soon with the warmer breath and a special fragrance of new life.

So the precursors, those first flowers are so welcome!

Those are tiny irises, while all around everything is brown burned and died branches and leaves. So they stand out even more. And yes, you have to stop "to smell the roses" or, at least, discover the flowers on the way from home to the shop, or from my grand children's school to home.

From the time I begun to take photos, I stop more, I look around more. Enjoy a lot more.

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