Saturday, February 26, 2011

David Jones, great 'Compere'

Yesterday, great Stand Up Comedy night - all of them Toastmasters!

Yes, it took me two hours to go, two hours to come back, but it was a great experience. David was the "compere" introducer of all of them, hilarious, humour and faces and audience interaction, too.

I already knew the quality of Ola and Freddy, they were even better then I ever seen them, and we had Ratan, an "accountant" who was 'not illegant immigrant - any more" I enjoyed a lot his performance, and the humorous tale of another just after his divorce... And so many more!

Coming home with a young Toastmaster who helped me to the station and sit with me until Victoria statiion, he told me he got stock at speech number three : because the last time I spoke they did not react at all, all the time I spoke! Yes, after, they told me it was good, but while I spoke their face was blanc without reactin!

A great lesson to me. explain to all how much their reaction matters!

Listening is an art and we have to learn it for ourselves but also to help progress the others.

I told him to get back to the horse and we discussed how to find his next subject too, asside from the enjoyment of the comic evening and also meeting so many known faces, already speaking with this young and understanding how fragile is sometime someone with 2 or 4 speeches, was worth it.

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