Friday, February 25, 2011

Light and color at the end of the road

Toward City Criers
Going into the City Banc builiding I loved this corridor : somewhat the colors at the end, makes you feel it less long and friendlier.

There are some great architects having thought a lot of how to make a place like this friendlier!

There were also friends at the end, other Toastmasters from other clubs and also the hosts working at the City Bank, holding the meeting where I told a very personal story. The same I told at the Open Mic event.

They did like it, also differently, as there. It was a great exemple for me of the differnces between audiences. At the open mic, it was perhaps the less spicy story. Here is seemed a very intimate one, but I mennages to keep the audience live throught it, hoping for a happy end. Wanting more.

'What happened then?' some even asked me at the end of our meeting.
Without a microphone, I loved a lot more the way I told it, alas, again, in the trac of begining, I forgot to open my dictaphone and register it. But I was really happy with its impact and reaction to it, this time.

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