Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love of the Spoken Word in Lewisham Library

The Lewisham Speakers Toastmaster Club, hold a "Love of the Spoken Word " event, with "Table Topics" in the hall of the center Lewisham Library this morning.

We had Toastmaster guests, in this pictures one who came from near Brighton and one from Greenwich, some of our members and, also guests whom I found in the Library.

Here is our youngest one, or was she a Hackler?

She was a sweet one!

Her mother have even spoken later for two minutes with her in her arms!

One by one we answered to divers questions and we were happy to see that the Guests, most decided to join us by Dave speaking on micro and Philip persuading them one by one, spoke also - and very well.
Table Topics in Lewisham Library_0031
Here is one of our tallented and very interested guests, answering to a question to describe and speak about this object, he was given.
Table Topics in Lewisham Library_0034
In all, four or five passing by the Library joined us listening and most of them also participating.
Table Topics in Lewisham Library_0045
Speaking on our feets, all of us, more then once, in the public space of the Lewisham Library, with a warm welcome from them and interest of the Guests who participated and whom most, we hope will now visit us for our next Wednesday free Workshop, was a success.

Our president Dave and our VP Public Relations organized it, but all the present Toastmasters participated to explain what we do the our Guests. It was a memorable group effort!

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