Sunday, February 27, 2011

Katy, really listening

Listening with all our being is a skill we have to learn.

Being there, being in the moment, being with the speaker.

During the "Love of the Spoken word" event by Lewishan speakers at the Lewisham library of the centre of city, near the Shopping Centre, Katy was the one who really listened and with her whole attention all the time.

Some of us, spoke with new comers. Others thought about what they will say. And there was also noise from the other parts of the huge room, also not so much. But she was listening to all who spoke with all her being all the time.

There was necessity to speak with those who came by and we all had our own roles. The library patrons also listened and were interested as was the organizer from the library, but no one so intensly as Katy.

It is a great feeling to feel part of a team, who yesterday worked so well together, each assuming a role without being told. Each finding its place in the whole whose intention was to spread the word about Toastmasters and what we do.

Welcoming, sending to the place we spoke, listening, speaking, encouraging, giving out liflets Katrin prepared so well, and so on. It was the better group effort I ever participates in!

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