Thursday, February 24, 2011


Kissing, by Eugene Power
(photos by Julie Kertesz)

Kissing is absolutely blissing;
You really don’t know what you’re missing
If you haven't tried kissing.

A single kiss will take you miles
A kiss is worth a thousand smiles
It puts a sparkle deep inside
Kissing is the foil of pride.

A kiss given in gentleness
Is the sweetest caress.

The possibilities are limitless:

In the burning fire of passion
kissing will always be in fashion.

The kiss once used to betray
Can save a world that's gone astray.

Kissing is a healing thing
Kissing is how lovers sing
Kissing is a child's first lesson
Kissing is a gift from heaven.

A kiss is like a warm sweet breeze
It can bring the mighty to their knees.

A kiss can melt the hardest heart
It’s always good place to start.

A kiss can lift you from despair
A Kiss can make you float on air
A Kiss can last for hours and hours
Kissing will increase your powers.

(one of the poems heard at the Open Mic on  Romance in Brixton, thank Eugene who send it to me and lets me publish it)

Today, I will be "Mystery Speaker" and will tell the Romance in Paris story, but I will add to it, in the middle one or two stances of this poem. Yes, it was a time, far away and long ago, when kissing healed my wounds, the wounds of my soul.

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