Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A romantic poet

Open Mic night in Ritzy upstairs at Brixton, near the Victoria line Brixton underground station, south of London.

Organized by the energetic Joanna.

I did tell a story, also well received, I did not like my voice from the Mic! So different as I told in the intimacy of home.

I specially liked a clarinettist tale about how difficult it was to conquer his girlfriend, and playing clarinet pieces, but at least, at the end he did gain confidence in himself: because he persisted challenging himself. So well told too!

Eugene Power, who read romantic beautiful poems to us that he has written. He promised to send me two of them, so I could put it here.

Here is the first of Eugene Power's poem, Wonderful, isn't it!
Some Other Side Of Me

Some other side of me remembers you,
Like a memory that can’t be placed
Some other side of me remembers you.

Some other side of me has been with you before,
And loved you.

Like a wave that comes back on the shore
Some other side of me remembers you.
Buren-091 d
Together we have breathed
In a deep, dreaming sleep,
Like babes on the sand
Of a sunny, whispering shore.

Some other side of me 
Has laughed with you before. 
Our spirits have intertwined 
With the silvery, blue sea
On another shore of time.

As I got out from the open mic event, I took some photos of the night in Brixton.
Brixton main road at nigth
Brixton seemed far but with the underground Victoria line is very fast to get there, and there will be OPEN MIC true storytelling there from now on, each month the 3rd Monday.
Upstairs at Ritzy open mic

All who could come, wecome!

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