Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seventh year!

I enter the seventh year that I published my first image on Flickr website, then, at Beta stage, and they were still in Vancouver.

I needed it then, to be able to add images on my blog, which begun in January 2005, just a few weeks before going to flickr.

I did not know how much influence will have on me, how profoundly I will dig into it and its groups, how much I will learn - not only about photography, but of the world around me and the world far away.

The flickr, through its groups, opens up for me a whole new perception of different cultures and a never ending wonder!

I am still "new" photographer, compared to many great ones, but I never stopped to learn, a bit in a time. About photography too, about the world far away from where I am too.

Lit a small candle and it can lead you far away.

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