Saturday, May 14, 2011

Freedom to write.

poems about freedom of speech_0052
These freedom to write poems were written by those who came to England because they did not have the freedom to write. These letters with poems on them are exposed near the Royal Festival Hall.

Today, Londonist published my photography, on his page Extra, extra;

And yes, by putting my photo in their group, I gave them the right to do so, if they put my name and flickr account under it. On the web, it also bounces back to my photo page, as here, Londonist and "extra, extra" goes back to theirs..

Yes, I am always happy when someone likes my picture, appreciate and is interested by what I have seen.  There is always, almost always, something interesting going on inside or just outside the Royal Festival Hall! And such a joy to sit down there and speak to each other quietly.

We went out the balcony on the third floor, what a view!

This time, what I observed first, where the small houses even prettier looking down at them, along the Thames.
Thursday Trafalgar Sq and back_0048
but after it, I was in ave of a young man who sit near a desk on a chair out to the balcony and was using his I-Pad there, a dream we had at the begining of the 1980th. Also that was "under a tree", but of course, even that can be done, today
Thursday Trafalgar Sq and back_0040.

Fears can become true, but dreams too, sometimes!

And even if yesterday, our blog notes were destroyed, for seven years, day by day, I could write, whatever I wanted to!

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