Friday, May 20, 2011


Thank you Philip.

This photo dates.

It was taken two years ago by my son when he assisted to a Humorous Contest of the Toastmaster Area.

Philip was Club President and Chair of the Contest then, and is Area Governor now.

I did not won that Area contest, but as he told then, we have all won - experience, and also having tried.

Thanks Philip!

Yesterday, he send me a note that I have now become "Advanced Communicator Silver" just one more step in speaking skills.

rose devant la maisonI tap myself on the shoulder and say "Julie well done!" and offer myself this rose's photo.

Then, I begin to think how to get now to the Gold... some more speeches and Interpretative Readings and a Seminar on how to listen to be held.

It is already decided, once I am there, I will begin all at the beginning, repeat again the basic manual. The bases are very important and the second time I will understand them even better, creating good reflexes and, perhaps, giving some good example to others too.

Soon, I will be able to stand in the place Philip stood in 2009 fall, as president of the club from July, even if not with so much dignity as he did, but each of us has its own style. But with the same enthusiasm and good will. It will be my time now to encourage others and repeat what he said then: you gained just by trying.

I would trde to be able to say that I would be as thin again as I was then, in this photo.

I gained awards but also two stones in the last two years. I still do not want to go back to what was and trade in my experience.

Thanks Philip for your enthusiasm and courage without fail.

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