Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Odyssey

Friday afternoon, the Spring Odyssey of English and Irish Toastmasters opened with a social gathering.

Here is the President of our D71 as it is officially colled, the "outgoing" one, as we change every year end of June all our officers.

As Patt, the International President, also there from USA told: "it takes almost a year to learn how to be a president."

I will have occasion to learn it from July on, in my club. "You will do well! told me yesterday Chris, also on the same photo here.

And here are some other portraits taken yesterday at Windsor.
Those taken outside of course cam he out better, but also my heart warms at their smiles.
Today, Camden and 'stand up and deliver" class for me. Not a contest, not a conference: learning.

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