Monday, May 16, 2011

StandUp & Deliver

Logan Murray does deliver indeed, a great workshop!

Four times now, seven hours!

I can not even list, all the things I did learn already, and how much better I understand what means: "the comedian answer to that is..."

There is a "normal" way, everyday answer, and then there is the clown way, his expression and point of view.

To make understand better what is under the surface, to surprise and make laugh.

Inversions, for example. Sudden relief or sudden tragedy makes both laugh.

We finished yesterday, telling one after other: "I dream, wish to..." then "I would settle to..." and finishing with "I got..." the more specific the better it works. And also the farther from the beginning.

In my case, it was: I dream to become the oldest (Hungarian) stand-up star of London. I'll settle to be able to make some of my audience laugh, from time to time. I die in the Comedy Class.

Of course, here dying means no one laugh as I try to be funny. But t when I read that out, they did!
StandUp&Dliver pals-03
My classmates are nice people! All.

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