Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kolozsvar 2004

a very interesting link discovered this morning - a radio interview of Andre Deszo living in New York, given in Hungarian.

She livend at Kolozsvar from age of 10 till she went to Budapest to be able to study farther.

I did not have her luck, was not allowed to study after 18 either, but had to do it later while working, then was forbidden to finish when I arrived so near my goal.

Then, it took me 17 years to be able to get, finally a diplome, a pHd in Chemistry.

This is the home of Gabor Dezso, and I slept at my cousin's living room surrounded by all those books for a few days in 2004. Only memories remain now from the books and my cousin, who died too early.

Books are around me even now, books are the presents of my life, more important then flowers or any other gifts. Books are not paper and typo, not heros and their struggle, books are for me how their author and me reach each other.

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