Friday, May 6, 2011

Jim Key

Jim Key, what a speaker!

Yesterday, I assisted to the Anglo Irish joint Toastmasters meeting, and in just a few hours took away so much from it! It was a phenomenal learning experience.

TM Internation actual Toastmasters International President spoke to us about the "Toastmaster jargon", true and "Toastmaster tribe" true also, I do feel I am no more alone ! Pat gave us a wonderful and modest speech with lots of humour.

We had a "real meeting" only TMI style, with the GE, David Thomson, introducing all Evaluators and calling the Gramarian too, and the TM of the evening, from Norhtern Lights, introducing the speakers. Alas, I could not get a program so I do not have the names of all.

A few hightlights.

The warmup clapping "All those who..."

From our Irish speaker, speaking of the Pilot "As he was communicating, I was evaluating" How true, even I begun to evaluate even the speakers in Parlement, counting even those with lots of uhm or too much movement or not looking in the eye, up from their notes.

Humour also from our Table Topic Master "I rather be here then there answering"

From David "Are you ready for???" and at end "I have decided you have already voted,,," Waw!

Jim Key, told us how useful are in a speech those stories who came for a painful experience, wich time can rendre humourous and useful, and illustrated his great speech throughout with his own personal stories, very strong and very to point to demonstrate what he wanted to convey.

For example on importance of listening; on the things that "always work for us are not the only one that work" and at the end, the master demonstration that can not be forgotten about Service.

Being at the Service of the public when you speak and Service of the Members when you lead.
Yes, to keep in mind and not to forget that very strong message!

Not slap on the hand and not boast but be ready to serve the others.

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