Saturday, May 28, 2011

they open one by one

One can have so much joy in life for so many different things.

I found unopened poppies near my place and took some inside, in a small Evian bottle, they open one by one.

I love that I find more easy humour in my life, and yes, more it goes black more it is easy to make other laugh of it and then even me look at it differently

For example : "you are not generous, give me space/"

I was very generous, but three month ago, even there was not much space between his fists suddenly into my face, Almost. There was very little space then.

I'll give more space now.

A lot more, in fact time, not space. I only wanted a space for us, space, not time.

Find humour in all! More and more I can and also learn to play  with words, The money for my two Standup comedy workshops was very well spend. I see my life now as a naterial for comedy.

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