Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Jessica designed, created and realized this evening dress.

She came to me asking to take photos of the dress and her. We took 36 different ones, most outside, and some inside. The dress and the girl and even the surroundings are beautiful, adding all to one other, and most of the photos came out quite well.

My performance too.

In general, it confirmed that I can handle an audience, even when with a very strong light stright in my face, I do not see them, and even if there are not hundreds of them. It also taught me, to cut out all dead weight, kill my children, cherished creations if they do not add to the laughter or reactions.

Not a stellar performance but an adequate one from me, a great one for some other pals from the class, less from others, but we all did better then at rehearsal.
Jessica Design-19
In May, we all learned, improved, understood.

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