Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paula with her husband

Today, I will tell three short stories about my great grandmother Paula, born in 1860.

Here is a photo of her with his husband.

Only yesterday I noticed his hand around her and her look at him, and convinced myself that indeed, they did not make their seven children without joy.

Alas, the youngest was but 2 when he died and she was left with 6 children and a distillery.

I was always proud of her, as she did manage well all.

She found a way out of all her problems.

The first story, and it stuck to my memory that she told me, and I see it in my mind eyes as if I was there, is a story I will not tell today. I can not tell all I remember, it would take more then an hour not five minutes!

She was just widowed and people gathered before the burial day, and someone said something funny: all laughed. Exactly then, mere acquaintance entered, late, with a composed face of sadness. And then, revolted hearing the laughter.

"I decided then" my great grandmother told me "never to make believe". To show and be how I feel. Never be hypocrite.

Yes, while other learned from their parents to learn to be nice, sad or smile as the circumstances ask for it, I was taught to be authentic, to remain myself.

And while, with time I learned not to say all I think, I never learned to change my face or my voice or make believe.

That is one of the most important heritage from my great grand mother Paula.

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