Monday, May 30, 2011

StandUp and Deliver at Walkabout with me...

Amused Moose Covent Garden where I will perform today, 
showcase from 7 30 meeting at 7 00 at
, DownUnder Bar, at the back of the venue
11 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8PS

Tube: Covent Garden, Leicester Square or Charing Cross/Embankment.
Mainline: Charing Cross

Come to see me, kill or die, that is the language of Stand Up comedy,
telling that if you get laughter and cheering, you have 'killed' the audience
if no one reacts or boo you out, most time just no reaction, the performer dies.

Of course, no one realy dies but to get no laugh at all only stares is very unpleasant, I had it once at one of my first tries to speak about myself at my first comedy school, never at the Stand Up and Deliver Workshop of Logan, where he created a very friendly atmosphere. And I had great pals, half performs this evening in Camden Blackheart, half of us tomorrow at Covent Garden.

I decided on Covent Garden, a challenge in plus for me, to do it in an unknown place.

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