Monday, May 2, 2011

In memory

In memory of all those who died from terror and terrorists, that is a great day.

I was lucky to have waked up very early and at 4 45 in the morning assisted in direct through the television to Barak Obama declaration that the man who initiated the 11 September destructions in USA was killed.

Here is a link to youTube for the speech of Obama, around 12 pm time in Washington;

It is for me more then just what happened ten years ago and more then revenge. Showing determination and achieving this is also a reminder for me for all the victims, all those killed at Auschwitz and other places.Also, one can not any more condemn the Mossad for having tried to find and kill the highest responsible for the Holocaust massacre. "We did what it took and however long it took to punish those responsible for the massacre" said Obama.

A hope, a small hope for better future.

This are a reminder for me not to forget them. Do what possible that others do not forget either.

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