Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sit down and rest

I could, should, now, sit down and rest for a moment.

Just got the Advanced Communicator Silver award, and the next level is already well on the way as I have two manuals I have begun and not finished, yet. Four more speeches to go only in them in all. And, of course, a seminar to hold.

I just got elected next period President, and I have given my VP Education role already to the next one who is now doing the bulk of work I did for a year, day by day. And she is someone I can really trust and is doing it already very well.

Soon, I will give my second stand up and it seems less sqeary then the first one. I already know what I want to say and have more days to practice until end of the month, home and also at the Stand Up and deliver workshop.

My next story at the Canal Cafe Theatre is only in June, but I figured it already out, now I have only to chop it down, make it leaner.

I could sit down. Rest. Be happy.

If new urgent problems were not arrising, and soon asking my attention. They always come! Finding a nice place to meet in the future is not easy. I hoped I will have all the time, it is not the case.

Still, I will sit down on the bench a bit. Smell the roses, listen to the birds, look at the blue sky.

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