Monday, May 23, 2011

A place to meet to rest to speak

For me the inside of the Royal Festival Hall is always a place I return with pleasure.

First, I went there, as I arrived in London three years ago, each Monday for a Meetup with the the;e The Artis Way. Based on a book by Julia Cameron,

I learned not only to write 3 pages as I wake up, to eliminate all negative thoughts from my mind, to go weekly on an Artists Discovery, a spectacle a walk in the park or a visit to a shop full of things, all that can fill me with new ides.

I learned that I do not have to be a famous painter or musician to be an Artist, I am an artist because I like to create new things.

I also learned there, that the Royal Festival Hall has many corners were you can meet, sit. speak together.

It is a wonderful and quiet place in the middle of the city.

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