Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Speak Out Challenge in Greenwich

From 9 schools, after a day of instruction and some other speeches, they had to choose two for this regional Final.

Ore Ogungbayi coordinates the Speak Out Challenge in Greenwich, and she is also Toastmaster. What a work! She goes and teaches public speaking in nine schools and has to choose two kids from each at the end for this challenge.

Later, the winner goes farther, and farther.

I met her at Meridian Speakers. I volonteered to help and she named me Chief Judge yesterday. The other judges were from very different background, I was the only "Toastmaster" between them.

Many jobs need the speaking skills.
Speak Out Greenwich-13

20 young children from 14 to 17, from 9 schools spoke for two and half minutes each. Eight very different judges had a difficult task to choose between them the best.

There were many I will remember!

Here is the family of one who spoke.
SpeakOut Greenwich-09v
He did not win, but the family was proud of him, all women, where is the man of the family? That is not my worry.

Some came alone, and not having won was more difficult to take, I tried to explain on the bus coming back that he participated and spoke out! It was not time enough to really relate. Perhaps another time. He was from a school near where I live. Perhaps another time.

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