Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Je lève mon chapeau

Je lève mon chapeau

I raise my hat for the !masterclass! and its organisator and inventor,
and also for our creativity teacher Haint, who challenged me, and many others
to go beyond our normal self and pictures and all the other teachers
who tought me something beyond the usual, pushed me think more.
This one, with a wig and a hat, is after I already did 60 autoportraits with my newly shortly cut hair, but as I found it fun, it shows on my face.

Not long after that, the masterclass closed and instead I opened Afterclass who month after month, now in its 6th years, each month with another theme and another teacher, continues the teaching and learning. 
Photo taken in my "youth"in October 2005, I was barely 71 then...

This is now here for thank you for your visites - my photostream just went through
3 million views from beginning of 2005 when I joined flickr or from the time flickr counted
Difficult to believe even this number but day by day, old and new pictures are looked at.
I would never have imained such a wide and world wide communication.
I feel owerhelmed. So this time, five years later the Chapeau is for you, my dear viewers.

Some more time had passed but I still feel like that: thanks my viewers and readers! 
Flickr pretends that I had by now 3,428,525 viewwers, true or not I do not care, but I am happy I do not put all my photos in a drawe and show them, offer them to all who are interested.

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