Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to the Comedy School

It was a very interesting 8 hours back to the Comedy School, where I begun this year in February.

Great choice and program!

I went for the Stand Up discussion and workshops mostly. But as many different experimented comics and almost as many points of view.

They perhaps do not "look" so much till they begin to speak and become passionate, then an internal flame lights them up from inside and they become fascinating. Probably, we all do when we are believe in something, when it is important for us, when it comes from deep inside.

Perhaps, between all I learned, and I have yet to filter it, re-read, rethink it, that is what comes out the most.

But also that I did learn more at that school's workshop in February till end March, then only to use 4 letter words, as I told with humour in my set.

At Comedy School-04
He works with children.
At Comedy School-02
There were a bunch of helpers! And those are not even yet those who gave us the seminars or workshops.
At Comedy School-06
Here is an attendee like me.

At Comedy School-10d
And them, gave us very interesting hour, each, they have many many years of experience behind them, the confidence comes out of all their movements, as soon as they speaks.
At Comedy School-12
He was not only fantastic! He even told me I have charisma...
At Comedy School-19
At the end of the day, after yet another really interactive session, (I have no good photos of him) we assisted to an Interview and questions and answers with the actor Stephen Mangan, telling us about his choices "mostly it is what you do not choose".

I did not "do" many pictures and those I did are not good, All afternoon, I was too much "in" to be "out".

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