Friday, November 4, 2011

Passage St Paul, Paris

I begin to feel nostalgia for the streets and passages of Paris. Not as before, for the Champs Elysée, I thought when I lived for three years in Washington DC without being able to go back.

I can go back now. It is not so far.

Of course, if I did buy less books, I would have also the money to travel there or back, for a few days. And I have a place to stay, to sleep at least.

But for the moment, so much to do in London!

I am a serious woman.

And I am not serious about Stand Up comedy clubs and Humour. Committed to do my share of clubs, go wherever I can, as I did with my storytelling. After 20, I will see, if I stop, go back to storytelling or into my next project, the Storytelling Workshop. Teaching, this time, or let us say better, coaching through workshop.

I take even my comedy seriously.

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