Tuesday, November 15, 2011

D71 toastmasters in Glasgow Workshops

Full three days for me.

Because the delay in London, it seems because a traveller's panic who had to be evacuated, as well from the thick fog,

I missed Andrew Brammer's Workshop on Storytelling.

But my college Flavia was there and will fill me in tomorrow with the details, and I did assist in London to one of his Seminar and one show. Adrew tells Tall Tales, I tell True Tales, each of us in our style. He has also great actor's skills and is an active Toastmasters too.

I did not miss Barbara Moynihan's inspired by Dale Carnagie. How to hold audience, in fact more then how to alienate them.
D71 in Glasgow A-07 Barbara M
I loved it and learned from her not only by what she told but her mere presence presenting it too.

Then we had a Workshop about Workshops, by Sheila Fraser.

It was just what I needed as I am beginning mine, True Storytelling Workshop will begin end of November with a group from Lewisham Speakers Toastmasters and will last till beginning of March. Just in time... at the conference I heard Freddie Daniels, our Educational Governor telling us that he hopes more Workshops will be made in our district from now on.

In this Glasgow workshop 'Wow Workshops' some of us were the test's showing how to do a very interactive one (others the audience looked)  How to begin, for example, by ranging after different kind of experiences. I have seen this in action at Johanna's workshop at Nova Portibello, but only Friday I had understood how a strong technique it is.

Also learned many other ways, "on hand" by experimenting it. Now I will be up to me to use them in my own workshop.

And that was only Friday. The night come and many put on their clown or funny costume.
I was too tired to stay Friday, but stayed longer Saturday evening after another stunning day, about which, tomorrow. But Saturday morning I was there in time for all the workshops. Even at noon.

I lunched during a great one, hold by Simon Buchnall "Inspiration Masterclass", and learned how to explain more clearly to my future attendees, how to gain the inspiration needed, to be able to give it to others.

What made you feel strongly? Go deep down to figure out why and what experience of your own triggered it. Then you will be able to tell a true tale and with passion reach others having if not the same experience, the same deep feeling.

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