Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In the Plum Tree pub, Jester night

Stand Up Comedy night, yesterday in the Plum Tree pub, Farindon Street. Signed up, connected with others, waiting as me.

Set with Anna, who arrived from Amsterdam five years ago, and was already on the "circuit" for a year. Very nice girl.

Nice jokes too.

Anna at Plum Tree-2
Anna, was repeating for tonight's contest of the "Laughing Horse" chain of cabarets. It seems, the cabaret David found us, is a chain of cabarets in fact and one well known. So, we were lucky to be there and lucky when they liked what we did. I will be on the same contest, beginning (probably ending) next week.

Christina at Plum Tree-2At Jester Jester, nice welcome. I was put on the list as 13 others. Finally 15 performed. Other then us, the barman, the compères, there were not many others present, but there were a few in audience.

It is also an easy place to go, with two bus, or two bus and underground between them, and a nice place to try out material, perhaps some day there are more public present. More present, more laughter. Or only higher?

She was towards the end, one who got most of the laughter. Was very good, indeed.
 Some of my usual 'sure" lines fall without notice, but others did get good reaction. Nothing to complain. I did not "die" yesterday.

Some others did. No reaction can be embarrassing, if it lasts for five whole minutes. But all got applause, anyway.

Open Mic night at The Plum Tree pub, 54, Farindon Str, London, called "Jester Jesters" and this video taken by Anna (see photo above, with my camera.

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