Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cavendish Arms Stand Up

Monday and Tuesday are the nights for "Comedy Virgins" at Cavendish Arms pub and comedy club in Stockwell, but each has to bring someone with her or him.

Almost all young, of course, but friendly audience and I enjoyed the contact with them.

I made them laugh, strong and long.

So I was happy with my "Stand Up Comedy Icebreaker" as it was the first place where I was not with my Workshop colleges.

See the video on the Competent Communicator blog.

At any way, we did go four from the class yesterday, two performing and the other two encouraging and to see how it is for another time. I did well; considering... and have to learn not to stumble on some words and give them as written. But of course, only me and my colleagues who heard my material realized that.

Surprise is a great factor to keep audience on their toes, so put more in my storytelling from now on.

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