Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On my wall in living room

On one wall there are my children, two photos taken a long time ago, by then my husband, their father.

Yes, he was a good photographer.

He has taken both, with a very old kind of lightening, like the very old painters did. Candle light.

Oh, yes, some 40 years ago!

On the other wall, I have a photography, that I inherited from my best friend, Stephanie who did buy it from the photographer, that also was made long time ago, perhaps 20 years? Or more. It speaks to me.
Home Sunday morning-12
There is also a photo of a painting with a few other images put on it, that are "me" at different ages. Reminding me, stand I was already "stand up" at three, and "woman from 25 to 70"!

And of course, that I loved to read, at 14, when the painting was made till now.

The painting also remind me of my friend from Romania, who gave it back to me, at my first visit in Bucarest. Because, when I left, the authorities would not let me take with me, she did put it on her wall for 30 years.  Our friendship lasted through frontiers and time. Each photography, make me remember what happened around the time they were taken.
Home Sunday morning-15
I was a young woman just married, just well loved, when my young husband told me "stay and look at the window". It is a tiny photo, developed and printed by us at home. The older "still woman" is a self portrait taken when I was enchanted "still a woman" and I was, yes, past 70.

I have nothing else? Yes I have! The painting of an old house by the same painter, who did me at 14 years old, the same colours, same kind of brush.

The rest of walls? Books, books, books I cherish. There are so many and so many kind! I will take one day time to arrange them better. And from time to time, I read them again. But they also are part of my memories.
Books for Humour
Old books, new books, these one are the latests. But I have many others, too.

This thick book I read when it was so hot outside I could not go out for ten days! This one, I did buy in America. This helped me find out the things I like and find more easy a job. Each has a special tale and meaning to me as have the pictures on the walls and the divers small objects around.

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