Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall in Context

Fall colours finally arrived on my street.

While I did not decide to go and take photos in a forest, wonderful colours did dress the trees on my street.

So, I did not have to go far away (as I first intended).

The books I waited for did not arrive, but I had my full of fall leaves "in context", in an urban context.

Here are only some of them, but I have taken in short time 110 photos. It was raining in the morning, so the flowers had still drops of water on them, and all smelled fresh.

Young couple, "spring" walking, surrounded by the fall, as a black car with fall leaves on it and tree reflected on it. So much to absorb just in a few minutes.

Because of my camera, ! do see so much more, so much better. It is also the same with my comedy; I see now life's frustrations lighter, as material for future gags.

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