Saturday, November 5, 2011

My prefered storytelling books

Doug Stevenson's book is the third book I consider as the "bible" of Personal Storytelling. And yes, it is one book even if it did appear under different titles and covers.

Subtitle in the second edition, "Strategic Storytelling in Business" and it is that, as it is also "never be boring again".

The "Story Theater" is Stevensons coaching company, but not the best title, but he was actor for 20 years before beginning his Professional speaker and Coach career.

My prefered book: Personal StorytellingWhat is important, he does treat of many different issues and techniques that the other two books do not or go through to fast.

The first book I think anyone wanting to speak in public and tell stories to remember should read is "The power of personal storytelling" by Steve Maguire.

The second is "Improving your Storytelling" by Doug Lipman, and yes, now I have a third one.

I am not sure I was ready for Lipman's book till I did not study (not only read) the Maguire's book.

Bests of my Speaker's books-5And not sure if Stevenson's would be enough in itself either.

Each add to the other, each develop and train for something plus we do need to be able to Craft our Personal Experience into interesting stories, that convey the "most important message" for that telling, and then deliver it the best possible way.

The Power of Personal storytelling,  helps you find your stories.
Gives a great method to remember it.
Explains the difference between an experience and a crafted story.

The Improving your Storytelling explains a lot about how knowledge is learned and how audience react differently and how to adopt to them and transmit them your "most important message" through a story and being at the service of the listener.

Stevenson, in "Story Theater Method" explains the acting part better and being on stage, but also gives more examples of storytelling in business environment. And why audience react not well when feeling fear, and how to get rid of it.

But those are only the "most important points" I took from each book, they do contain a lot more useful informations and they all contain exercises too.

The three will form the base of my new Personal Storytelling Workshop.

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