Saturday, November 26, 2011

Storytelling Workshop for Lewisham Speakers

GreenPark LaughingHorse Gestes 1
The intentions are one thing, what happens will be another. Here are some pictures from the Green Park's Laghing Horse "heat", with microphone in the hand and just the right light. At those times, it does pay to be dressed in black.

Storytelling, speaking of one's personal experience, but transformed "re-storied" is important in any kind of speaking. It makes a special connection to those listening and looking. After telling many stories - me, in English! - I decided to create inside or along my Toastmasters Club in Lewisham an ongoing workshop, about "personal storytelling", to run for the moment from November to March, and culminating by some of the participants (or all) telling stories at the Canal Cafe Theatre on one theme.

We did found those wanting to participate, and decided our theme "Change" broad enough to find each our own stories. We did decide to begin the 30 November, long time ago, not knowing about the general strike.

I am of course worried, what will happen, who can or not come that night, so we could begin. But I already bought today some mince pie, to offer those who will be there. And begun also thinking, how can we "make up" for those who will not able to make it.

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