Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ola will be also at Laughing Horse

Ha ha, not only I will give a "gag" go to a "gig" at Green Park's Laughing Horse, in a Comedy Pub called The Goat Tavern, tomorrow, but Ola, who had the first price of Humorous Speech will too.

Another occasion to see what he does, and also try out my old gags a bit changed in a new environment. And meet others.

Flavia gave us yesterday, at our 3rd anniversary meeting, a stunning Table Topic answer. She made such a progress so fast!

Steve was funny and excellent, even more then usual, very much in "his element" and a guest, gave us a great impersonation of D. Cameron! Hope soon the guest of yesterday will join also our club who grows all the time. Yesterday, too, we have now a new member.

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