Friday, November 18, 2011

Tonight, tonight

I begun my comedy workshops in February this year, at the School of Comedy. Even if it was not a friendly environment for me, I did learn a lot till end of March, week by week.

The second was Logan Murray Stand Up and Deliver workshop, and in May we learned a lot during very intense weekends of 14 hour, each. He continued to teach us even when his back was injured.

The third Workshop was David Jones, who got a cold, and did not stop from September to end of October who went away so fast, but then he did suggest us places to book, and took us to a "real" comedy club for our showcase.

Tonight, my first 'Heat' that is how the comedy competitions are called, I think. But real 5 minutes and real audience at Laughing Horse's Green Park club. Even in the middle of night I was telling my text for the gig.

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