Friday, November 25, 2011

Silver Comedy Award for 55+ Stand Up

The Silver Comedy Award at the Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival the 17th of February 2012, after the heats for choosing them the same day and place. Inscriptions for everyone over 55 years, would be or experienced Stand Up Comedian, to George Baddeley, at the Silver Comedy (here is their Facebook page).

Is not it interesting?

I was looking for mr Cee, stand up comedian and my first stand-up mentor encouraging me to give it a go, telling me that my stand up is fascinating and good. I find him at the Silver Comedy Facebook site. Through it, I found out about the Silver Comedy Award, and decided this morning to give it a go.

Not only it will be an occasion for me to go out there, but also meet other elder comedians, younger and, hopefully, even older then me. And plus, who knows where else this first step can lead, as I did not know in February this year, where my inscription to the School of Comedy will lead me. We were 12 in the class, 11 young boys - and me, at 77! In itself, this is already a comedy sketch! And so many funny (and embarrassing situation that can be used for humour too) things happened in those first 8 weeks!

I will begin now creating a story, to relate those moments and my year to get to Leicester Comedy Festival and the Silver Comedy group.

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