Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Going out there

Going out there, gives a lot of experience.

So far, for me all was worthwhile. And the Stand Up Comedy audience, usually is very reactive. That is almost addictive.

We almost expect, and do not get, the same kind of "oh, ah, haha" and so on from all, as we go along, in other environments. Having a noisy reaction gives some kind of power feeling.

When there are only or almost only comedians present, the reaction can be diluted, and that is also a learning experience. And connecting to other stand-up comedians too.

Three outings, so far. Two more already booked. And the two at the beginning of the year. in all it will be 7 for me. Each, different, even if I gave more or less the same material - also I added to it now, changing half of it after the last workshop I took. And if I counted the two Humorous "contests", in fact three, it would be 10 times telling almost the same.

So at least ten more times to go, if not more. I am sure I will "die" a few times, I was told that is part of learning, but so far I did not.

And when I will, if it is only by silence, not in real, I will go up again, as I did so many times already in my life. "By the blade of grass" pick myself up.

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