Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spectacle in Paris

I did not know I wanted to do a comic number, until I learned that Pierre and Giselle will come to Paris with their "orgue de barbarie", barrel organ.

I knew I will come to London soon, from Paris and I organized a meeting of bloggers and photographers who could come in the back room of a bar. We all had only to buy a "crèpe" pancake.

They played and song, another recited a poem she wrote, and I told the story of "my nose".

I did prepare it a lot, but it did not give so much laughter I hoped, so much I had when I told it once in the dark night in the court of a grange, filled with people.

I did not know yet, that laughter need many people and if possible darkness so they "dare" to laugh. I did not know yet, that three years later, I will succeed to make people laugh. I did not know yet how to surprise.

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