Monday, November 21, 2011

Fog, rain "bad weleather"

The so called bad weather can be marvellous too, as can be the old age.

Different, from sunny days, different from spring but very interesting, indeed.

It all depends.

Yesterday, I went out and signs of the rain were still on leaves and the roses.

Here is one rose after rain, in our garden.
After rain-12
And the leaves, who can be marvellous too retaining even longer the drops of water.
After rain-14
And the fog can give dreamlike panorama.
Sunday fog_0166
This is while looking at the thick fog on the Heath, at Blackheath.
Sunday fog_0126
Or, one can combine fog and fall leaves, and so on.

I had a very rich harvest of photos and "fresh air" yesterday as !i went out to have a taste of the fog... as I do have a rich life full of activities at 77.

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