Friday, April 4, 2008


I am as far from London as they were from me, Wednesday in the forest. But they did approach, jogging.

I do not run, I walk slowly. But some day, I'll arrive too.

For the moment, I am trying to find a place in Paris to meet with other bloggers and photographs and readers. Yes, the anonymous too!

We'll meet the 12 April and listen to 'Orgue de Barbarie' and Gelzy. I did listen to the Orgue when they just bought it, it was not even painted yet. Now it is in Paris for the first time and Peire will play it for us.

A year later, in their house, outside a small village, they made me a whole hour of concert, playing the Orgue de Barbarie and singing. It was wonderful!
Orgue de Barbarie

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