Friday, April 18, 2008

I did nothing yesterday

When I write "I did nothing" for a few days, in fact, immediately I think, really, nothing?

Nor "really".

I did not take new photos, that's all. I did not go "out" a lot. "Only" to the Weight Watchers group meeting, only to buy some foods too.


But I did spend a lot of time with my photos taken Tuesday, I did spend time on my photo site, Flicker and its groups, I did spend time reading and commenting others blogs and writing mine's.
I read also, and arranged some of my books, too.

Not totally nothing, even if it was nothing specially notable. Probably, that is what I meant by nothing. But building up social network, through the web, takes time, as in real life too, so they add up finally one after the other. The small comments and visits, finally add up, to more then nothing. All together.

Or, sometimes, someone reads what you have written and, suddenly, it becomes important. Then you realise, the days were not spend for nothing.

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