Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Swimming poole's garden

Very proud of myself: yesterday for the third consecutive day, I went to swim, and as I have lost the first 30 pounds, I could do 500 meters in less then half an hour.

It does not come to the 1 mile I arrived when I was around 50, but that happened almost a quarter of century ago, and at that time, with the help of Weight Watchers I have arrived at 54 kilos. Now, I am around 80, so I have far away to go.

No, I'll never arrive there now, 15 less pounds and I'll be happy now.

In school holidays the pool is open more hours and there are also less swimmers, so it is a joy to go, plus with 30 pounds less, it is more easy to go up the stairs of the pool.
crayon self after swim 3rd day swimming
Two self portraits showing how happy I am to have had the force to begin swimming again, and how well I feel after it. Even when the wind blows on my newly dried hair. Funny!

It is good to feel happy about one self, and we can do it with challenges depending only of ourself.

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  1. I am in total agreement with you. And your achievements are something to be proud of to be sure!